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Malleetech Poll Merino Rams now available for private selection . Check out Sheep Genetics Catalogue for available rams . Some in the top 10% of Australia for Dual Purpose Plus. Good Weaning Rate, YCFW, EMD and Backfat rams.


 2022 Helmsman Ram Sale on farm and Simulcast on Auctionsplus - Wednesday August 24th at 1pm- Inspection from 11am - lunch provided
Auctionsplus Simulcast Helmsman Auction


  1. On arrival, the intending purchasers register at the bid table and receive a a buyer number or register online with Auctionsplus.
  2. All rams are displayed for inspection as usual, with relevant information provided in the catalogue or with pictures and details on Auctionsplus.
  3. When the sale commences, all rams are on the market simultaneously. You may bid on any ram, regardless of lot number, by filling in a card and handing it to a 'runner' or through Auctionsplus.
  4. You may open the bidding at its "upset price" and further bids in multiples of $100 will be accepted. There is no limit on the size of bid.
  5. Bids are recorded with the buyers number on a large board adjacent to the ram display area. You can bid on any number of rams at once and can see at a glance whether your bid still stands or has been overbid. Auctionsplus will also show the winning bidder and price.
  6. There is no pressure to commit yourself to another bid. If your first choice ram goes over the limit you can still bid on any other ram on sale.
  7. A bid once submitted and recorded cannot be retracted, and the person responsible for submitting such a bid will be responsible for it until it is overbid.
  8. Further bids would trigger the same process until no more bids are received in a specified period, which would signify the end of the sale. (Note that the bidding interval may remain at two minutes throughout or may be shortened progressively to as little as 15 seconds to speed up the sale.)

The Benefits


You have more time to consider lodging a bid. You can place genuine bids on any ram of your choice at any time during the sale period.
You have the opportunity to re-assess each lot during the sale period without any pressure to make an instant decision.
You have the opportunity to take home the rams you want , irrespective of lot order. For example, having been out-bid on lot 36, your first choice, you can move back to your second choice ram earlier in the catalogue, for example lot 7.
If you need more than one ram , Helmsman gives you flexibility and time to average your purchase costs.