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Malleetech Poll Merino Rams now available for private selection . Check out Sheep Genetics Catalogue for available rams . Some in the top 10% of Australia for Dual Purpose Plus. Good Weaning Rate, YCFW, EMD and Backfat rams.

We Provide High-Quality Rams

At Malleetech we aim to breed quick-growing, heavy cutting, plain bodied and easy care sheep. To achieve this we have been using ASBV's and a full record of pedigree for over 15 years to meet our breeding objectives. Our sheep are paddock reared with minimal hand feeding as we believe this leads to rams that will thrive in commercial conditions.

Malleetech started as a co-operative breeding scheme in 1981 as a member of the Australian Merino Society (Jabuk Ram Breeding Co-operative). In 1988 breeders in S.A. formed a regional group, Merinotech Mid North. In 1998 Malleetech went on its own breeding path using sires through Artificial Insemination from Toland Poll & Seamour Poll Merino Studs. The first AI program was conducted in 1984. In past years Sires have been used from Centreplus, Anderson Poll, Billandri Poll, Merinotech WA and Glenlea Park. Sires used in these AI programs have created links to the merino industry enabling direct comparison through Sheep Genetics & Merinoselect -Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV). In 2002 Malleetech became involved in the Merino Validation Project where besides collecting information on wool fibre diameter, clean fleece weight & body weight - pedigree , eye muscle depth & back fat results were added to the equation. This has all led to increased accuracy of selection in our breeding program. We have also been involved in the South Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Project and achieved some good results.

Manager David Smith

Malleetech Sheep pregnancy scanning Service


Pregnancy scanning has become a valuable management tool of sheep flocks.

Benefits of scanning are:
  • Ability to separate dry ewes and run separately, remated or sold.
  • Simpler and more efficient management of stock. Allowing the nutritional requirements of pregnant ewes to be met, increasing lambing percentage.
  • Identify multiples and optimise nutrition so singles get less than multiple mob,
  • Marketing tool when selling ewes.
Able to scan at 6 weeks after rams are removed or 80-100 days from start of mating. Scanning crate provided to set up at end of race. Need 2 people to help feed up. Cost is 60 cents for wet/dry and 85 cents for multiples.

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Have a look at our productive sheep

David,Margaret and Harley Smith run Malleetech Poll Merino Stud which is located in the Murray Mallee 10 km south of Geranium in supposedly 400mm rainfall country. Malleetech aims to breed sheep that produce a better financial return to the sheep owner. To achieve this aim the flock is fully pedigree recorded with wool and meat (including eye muscle depth and back fat) traits being measured to produce reliable Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV's). We aim to cut plenty of wool and produce lots of quick growing lambs.

We use the Dual Purpose Plus index to rank our animals after visual traits have been assessed. This index is based on a meat focused production system where surplus progeny are sold as lambs and a portion of ewes are joined to terminal sires.

  • Large increase in body weight and carcase traits.
  • Moderate increase in fleece weight.
  • Maintain fibre diameter and staple strength.
  • Moderate increase in reproduction.

Malleetech sheep are bred tough to perform in mallee conditions and perform with minimal hand feeding.

Malleetech ASBV's are often trait leaders and most rams sold are in the top 10% of Australia for the Dual Purpose Plus Index.

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