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Sheep Genetics Dual Purpose Plus Index

We use the Sheep Genetics Dual Purpose Plus Index to select our sheep. This index is aimed at those producers whose majority sheep income comes from sheep sales. It is for self-replacing merino flocks that do not keep their wethers and also join a portion of their ewes to terminal sires for lamb production. The following table shows the likely genetic response to 10 years of selection !

Trait Like genetic response to 10 years selection
Fleece Weight
increase +3%
Fleece Weight
increase +3%
Fibre diameter
maintain 0 micron
Body Weight
high increase +2.3 kg
Muscle depth
moderate increase +0.5 mm
Staple Strength
small increase +0.5 N/kt
moderate increase +4.5%
For Sheep Genetics interactive ram catalogue. Highlighted blue boxes indicate rams in top 10% of Australia! To sort rams on a particular trait or index you may be interested in -then double click on that title.
To see actual details of clean fleece weight percentage, fibre diameter, SD, CV, Comfort Factor, Curvature, Staple length and strength, Birth Date and Birth type.
To compare how each ram is rated compared to other animals in Australia. To see percentile band table.
For Sheep Genetics AI Malleetech Ram Semen Catalogue